Wook-Hyun Jang, the Mayor of Yeongju, Yeongju is a happy city that people want to live forever. 

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Q : What are some of the best agricultural products in Yeongju and famous local food?

Yeongju’s agricultural products are actually so good that we can't focus on one thing.

There are many reasons for this, but I think the most important reason is the climate.

We are located at 36.5 degrees north latitude, where the polar regions and temperate climate regions of Sobaeksan Mountain with Its height being 1,430 meters, making it the highest mountain in the Yeongnam area.

These are the source of the water as well.

Namhangang River originates and the Nakdong River originates, making the water is very clean. Also, the daily temperature difference causes a great influence on the biological conditions. The agricultural products are mostly apples and ginseng, and apple accounts for 13-15% of the nation's production, and it boasts the best quality.

Ginseng is, of course, the best of all Goryeo ginseng, and Punggi ginseng is the best ginseng in the world.

Even ginger, balloon flower, and Hahoe flowers are the most popular in flower markets.

It's because of the difference in temperature between day and night, the tissue is sturdy, and it doesn’t wither fast.

Also, scents and colors have very distinct characteristics.

Yeongju has been known as excellent medicinal agricultural crops, which is called ‘food cure’ that protects the human body and saves lives.

The food cure, which ‘controls your body with food’, is included in ‘이석간경험방상’. Yeongju is now working on reviving the food cure.

The most popular food is beef, but these days, the beans called Buseoktae are very rich and thick, so many people look for it to use in fast-fermented bean paste.

And, as I mentioned earlier, the food cure. Korea Forest Welfare Institute is at the foot of Sobaeksan Mountain.

So, the food cure is one of the most important factors in a healing center.

I want to say that we're working on cooperative projects with the food cure center and a healing center.

Q : How are you planning to activate Buseoksa Temple and Sosuseowon listed in the World Heritage?

Last year, Buseoksa Temple became a world heritage like seven other temples, and this year, nine memorial halls became a representative World Heritage site of Korea among 700 memorial halls nationwide.

In a way, Buseoksa Temple and Sosuseowon were the centers of Confucianism and Buddhism.

I think the foundation of Korea's Buddhist and Confucian countries of the Goryeo Dynasty and the Joseon Dynasty began here.

So ‘the most Korean is the most cosmopolitan.’

K-pop is shaking the world, and in that sense, the deep thought of Confucianism and Buddhism, which is the essence of the cultural and spiritual values of Korea, is a value that people around the world can share.

I'm working on the basis of how the people of the world share this well and enrich our lives.

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