Governor Lee Cheol-woo, Announces Grand Conversion of East Sea Green Economy

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- E∙A∙S∙T Plan Green Energy, Advancement of the Sea, Smart Fishery, Marine Leisure Tourism

On the 3rd of March, Lee Cheol-woo, the Governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province had an important session to explain the importance of the new direction of ‘The Grand Conversion of East Sea Green Economy’.

Humanity is experiencing a new energy revolution and digital economy conversion, green economy conversion and bio-economy conversion triggered by the 4th Industrial Revolution are occurring at the same time, in combination.

With this enormous movement, the Green Deal of EU (Investment plan of 1trillion euros for 10 years), green policy by the administration of Biden in US and many other global regions are announcing carbon neutrality against climate change. Our Government has also announced ‘The Grand Conversion of East Sea Green Economy’ concerning this matter, on the 7th of December, 2020.

In addition, the global regulation against climate change is strengthening and the world economy is also changing safe and sound. Especially, the EU and the US are discussing the introduction of carbon border tax, the firms are willingly participating RE100 and ESG and eco-friendly market such as the secondary battery, new renewable energy, hydrogen industry are rising as a new growth engine industry.

Gyeongsangbuk-do, to deal with this matter of climate change and the 4th Industrial Revolution, has suggested ⌜East Sea Green Economy Grand Conversion⌟ ‘E․A․S․T Plan’ as a leading strategy for the region’s development.

Gyeongsangbuk-do, East sea is responsible for the country’s production location of electricity energy. With this potentiality, Gyeongsangbuk-do is planning to lead the way to carbon neutrality by establishing a green economy ecosystem in the province.

For this, Gyeongsangbuk-do announced that it would lead the regional development through establishing green industry, a new industry through green energy conversion along with the establishment of green infrastructure.

They are planning to identify and support lighthouse companies, innovative companies, and social companies through this process, especially supporting companies through agglomeration, nurturing manpower, and testbed through the establishment of Energy Industry Convergence Complexes

The original carbon-economy centered manufacturers will also convert into a low-carbon economy structure and will simulate a sustainable manufacturing model, step-by-step, and is planning to actively attract investment for those businesses identified for regional economic stimulus as POST corona measures.

In addition, the Gyeongbuk East Sea with a longshore length of 537km is a treasure of Marine Life Science. About this, Gyeongsangbuk-do has announced that it will make advancement of a new marine era to build Gyeongbuk East sea into a sustainable one.

First, they are planning for well-structured networking so that the East sea, which connects the marine economy and the northern economy is positioned as the ‘East sea gateway’ with the support of an integrated new airport through a Two-port strategy

Also, to bring high-tech industrialization of fishing industry against 4th Industrial Resolution and protection of marine ecosystem into full-scale, it is planning the ‘Table Project of Korean East Sea’ which will expand the online sale of fresh fishery products along with establishment based on Gyeongbuk-type Smart Aqua Farming and establishment of exportation location complexes for fresh fishery products.

Along with this, they are planning for ‘Go EAST Project’, with the concept of healing sea, as post corona measures, with strategies such as activation of marina tourism, fishing village new deal tourism resource and establishment of marine healing tourism belt.

Gyeongsangbuk-do has suggested the ‘E․A․S․T Plan’ as the direction for the development of the 5 cities and districts in the East Sea, in relation to the detailed strategic planning of ⌜East Sea Green Economy Grand Conversion⌟.

‘E․A․S․T Plan’ is composed of 22 focused tasks of 4 fields that are ▶E Green Energy, ▶A Advance of the sea, ▶S Smart fisheries, and ▶T Tourism of marine leisure, and has invested total operating expenses of 11,340 billion won.

In relation to the Green Economy, they are establishing a ‘power cluster of hydro fuel cell’ for the establishment of the hydro fuel cell industry ecosystem. For this, they are planning to apply for designation as Hydrogen Specialized Complex for the agglomeration of hydrogen components companies, following the ‘Legislation related to Hydrogen Economy Support and Hydrogen Safety Management’.

They are planning to lead for the research and development of future nuclear power technology such as microminiature SMR through establishing(721billion won) Innovative Nuclear Power Research Institute

In Yeongdeok, they are planning to support large-scale wind power and rear industries with the lead by the local body through establishing (1trillion 31.2billion won) energy industry convergence complexes.

Ulleungdo and Dokdo will concentrate on the conservation of ecotourism islands that people want to revisit through the establishment based on ecological researches and ecotourism, such as the establishment of the Ulleungdo Airport(expected to complete in 2025), in preparation for the era of 1million tourists.

Also, they are planning to lead the way of nurturing manpower and developing an intelligent marine fishery system, also setting up Smart Aquaculture Cluster, Smart fisheries equipment research institute. and fishery food export process cluster for the establishment(1150 billion won) based on Gyeongbuk-type smart fishery.

Lee Cheol-woo, the Governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province said, “Green Economy is a sustainable development and a new growth strategy”, in relation to the East Sea Green Economy Conversion and said that they would do their best in converting East Sea of Gyeongbuk from the ‘National Electricity Energy Production Location’ to ‘Carbon Neutral SUN Belt of South Korea’ and also in making the ‘Hwandonghae gateway that will be achieved together with integrated new airports’

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